Precautions for using anti-static rubber sheet

Time: 2020-05-16
Summary: Precautions for using anti-static rubber sheet
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The anti-static rubber sheet plays a role in reducing static electricity or eliminating static electricity in production workshops and advanced laboratories for mat semiconductor devices, electronic computers, etc. After the anti-static rubber sheet is laid, the working surface can discharge the static electricity of the human body, so that the ESD tweezers, tools, utensils, instruments, etc. that the human body contacts with the table surface reach a substantially uniform potential, so that the electrostatic sensitive device (SSD) is not subject to friction. The interference of the wide-step surface caused by electrostatic discharge phenomena such as electricity can achieve the effect of electrostatic protection.

Note on the use of anti-static rubber sheet:

First of all, the surface of the antistatic rubber sheet product is strictly prohibited from contact with acid and alkaline solvents (such as benzene, alcohol, etc.). This action may cause the product surface to become discolored, faded, and the resistance value declines. If you need to clean, wipe the cloth with a neutral solution (such as water). The glue used must be compatible with both the bottom of the table mat product and the material of the workbench, so that the adhesive is strong and there will be no shrinkage after the product is stuck. It is recommended to conduct mass production after the test is pasted. Product shrinkage: The product has higher glue content than general table mats, durability increases, and tensile strength increases accordingly. It is recommended to lengthen and relax the product specifications when cutting, and store it for 24 hours at the same time, let the product have a fatigue recovery process, and then glue Bonding production. For good performance, we must pay attention to the above matters

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