Function of PVC transparent plastic sheet

Time: 2020-03-30
Summary: pvc transparent plastic sheet
#  pvc  transparent  plastic  sheet  

Transparent PVC sheet is a high-quality plastic composite material, with smooth, bright and transparent surface, no cracks bubbles, uniform color. In work, it is widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food factories, garment factories, work platform, machine surfaces, and all kinds of office desktop. In family life, it is widely used as table cloth, very fashionable, can reflect the true nature of the pvc sheet, also prevent scratches.

Support customization, to meet the different needs of each customer, the best choice to protect the desktop.

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The technical datasheet of PVC plastic sheet 

Product namepvc sheet 8mm pvc plastic sheet pvc sheet roll
Servicesupport OEM service
Width0.3-2m,Other sizes can be customized
Thickness0.3-5mm,Other sizes can be customized
UsageBanquet, Hotel, Outdoor, Party, Wedding, event
Payment Term30%payment in advance.We can discuss before place order


Cutting with high precision CNC machine

The edge is smooth without blemish and without sharp Angle, and it will not hurt the hand.

Use new odorless environmental grade materials, special processing process, make the sheet more safe.


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1. High heat resistance, cold resistance, strong acid, alkali resistance, pressure resistance, static electricity resistance, impact resistance, tension resistance, aging resistance, good light transmission, long service life.

2. For the restaurant can reduce the cleaning cost, add elegant and beautiful restaurant.For personal office, warm in winter and cool in summer, elastic, with insulation, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, no deformation, no fracture, anti-light, anti-fading, weather resistance.

3· anti-aging is widely used in electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food factory, clothing factory, working platform, machine surface, table tablecloth, etc.

4. Product features: green,AZO free,recyclable durable.

5. Direct contact with food.


High strength penetration test: Abrasion resistance, strong toughness

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Application of transparent pvc sheet

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                                       Big size use scenario dispaly



Original packaging can also be packaged according to customer requirements.


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