Application field of oil resistant rubber sheet

Time: 2020-02-18
Summary: Application fields of oil resistant rubber sheet
Application fields of oil resistant rubber sheet

Oil-resistant rubber flexible cables are mainly used in harsh environments, such as power generation, metallurgy, chemicals, ports and mines. 

As an electrical connection wire and cable between mobile electrical equipment, it has cold resistance, softness, abrasion resistance and oil resistance. It is suitable for connecting cables of mobile equipment with special requirements of cold resistance and oil resistance under AC rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV. At present, YFFB shielded flat cable has been widely used in metallurgy, power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries. 

General rubber sheathed flexible cables are called rubber sheathed cables, which are divided into high voltage rubber sheathed flexible cables and 750V general rubber sheathed flexible cables. Uses of high-voltage rubber sheathed flexible cables: mobile power distribution equipment and mining machinery with an AC rated voltage of 6kv and below; lifting and transportation machinery. 

The low-voltage rubber sheathed flexible cable is suitable for household appliances, power tools and various mobile electrical equipment with an AC rated voltage of 750V and below. 

They are divided into three types of cables: light, medium and heavy.

Main uses: Neoprene is widely used, mainly used as wire and cable jackets, rubber hoses, oil-resistant rubber products, heat-resistant conveyor belts, printed rubber rods, rubber dams, building seals, highway joint sealants, bridge bearings, oil fields Wire waterproof caps, flame retardant rubber products, various gaskets, corrosion resistant linings for chemical equipment and neoprene adhesives. 

In recent years, neoprene has been developed for building waterproofing materials, sealing materials, adhesives, marine development, medical and health, energy development and new applications in people's lives, and has expanded its application fields.

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