Non slip rubber floor mat‘ importance

Time: 2019-12-21
Summary: Non slip rubber floor mat‘ importance Economical, abrasion resistant, sound absorbing, non-slip, antibacterial, healthy,etc.
Non slip rubber floor mat‘ importance
● Economics                                                                 
● wear-resistant                                                       
● Sound absorbtion                                                    
● Skid-resistant
● antibacterial
● comfortable
● flame retardant
● easy maintenance
● Environmental healthy
 corrosion resistant
● insulated
Millions of workers all over the world spend most of the working time on their feet, walking and standing rather than sitting. Slips and falls are the cause of major accidents and loss of the time at work. The Health and Safety Executive continually prompts on the need to avoid potential risks, especially where the floor surface is slippery or hazardous. In the present study, the effect of topographic orientation and tread pattern of the tested rubber specimens on the friction coefficient has been investigated. Experiments have been carried out using a test rig designed and manufactured to measure the friction coefficient between the footwear sliding against eight types of commercial rubber mat products (floors). grooves orientation of specimens sliding against rubber sheet on the friction coefficient. The results showed that tread pattern and grooves orientation significantly affect the friction coefficient. The effect of groove width on friction was observed, where the surface of wider groove obtained lower friction coefficient values than those of narrower one in the same sliding direction (parallel direction). The friction coefficient in the parallel direction obtained higher values than that observed for those in the transverse direction for surfaces with narrower groove patterns. Finite element simulations showed anisotropic friction properties depending on the contact pressure.
Therefore, when choosing a non-slip rubber floor mat, choose Qihang rubber,Guaranteed quality and safety.
Many colors and sizes, accept customization.
Application:garage,workshop,bathroom,kitchen,shopping mall,subway station ,Corridor between,road,floor,bus,gym,warehouse,Safety Walkway etc.
Non slip rubber floor mat
pvc Non slip rubber floor mat
Non slip rubber floor mat

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