Four categories of rubber sheet

Time: 2019-11-22
Summary: Four categories of rubber sheet
Four categories of rubber sheet
1, according to whether the clamping medium, can be divided into pure rubber sheet and cloth rubber sheet, metal skeleton layer clamping rubber sheet and other varieties;

2, according to the use, can be divided into industrial rubber sheet and rubber floor.

3, according to physical and chemical properties, can be divided into: Insert cloth into the smooth surface, surface of cloth, insulation rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, striped anti-skid rubber sheet,anti-skid rubber block, round buckle anti-skid rubber sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet

4, according to color and surface treatment, can be divided into: black rubber sheet, green rubber sheet(commonly known as green flat rubber sheet), red rubber sheet (commonly known as red flat rubber sheet), white rubber sheet, yellow rubber sheet, blue rubber sheet, gray rubber sheet, cloth grain rubber sheet, super wide rubber sheet.

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