The superior performance of rubber determines the broad market for rubber products

The superior performance of rubber determines the broad market for rubber products

For us, rubber products are already products that can be seen everywhere, and rubber products also play a powerful role in our lives. Early rubber was a latex taken from plants such as rubber trees, rubber grasses and other plants. The materials made after processing were elastic, insulating, and impervious to water and air. High elastic polymer compound.Divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, such as automobile tires, industrial products, plastic products, etc., the annual production and processing of rubber is particularly large, according to this trend, far from meeting the current production requirements. This is the case with rubber seals, which are a common type of basic element in sealing devices and play a very important role in the contradiction of leakage and sealing.

In the continuous progress of human society,the advancement of technology makes the application of this product more and more extensive. The society is advancing, the emergence of new sealing production equipment and technology, and the technical requirements for sealing products are becoming more and more stringent, thereby further promoting the research and development of new products.The advantages of using natural rubber are because of its good physical properties. At room temperature, it has high elasticity, a little plasticity, very good mechanical strength, small hysteresis loss, and low heat generation during multiple deformations. It also has good flex resistance, and because it is a non-polar rubber, it has good electrical insulation properties.

Rubber, together with plastic and fiber, is called the three major synthetic materials. It is the only polymer material with high elasticity and excellent elasticity. The biggest feature of rubber is firstly that the elastic modulus is very small and the elongation is very high. The second is that it has fairly good gas permeability resistance and resistance to various chemical media and electrical insulation. Some special synthetic rubbers have better oil resistance and temperature resistance, and can resist the swelling of fatty oils, lubricants, hydraulic oils, fuel oils and solvent oils. It is also cold-resistant and has comprehensive properties.


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