What are rubber block pads ?

Basic features of rubber blocks

1. Rubber blocks are made by pressing multiple layers of rubber sheets. It has sufficient vertical rigidity to withstand vertical loads, the reaction force of the superstructure can be reliably transmitted to the pier, the rubber block has good elasticity to adapt to the rotation of the beam end, and the shear deformation is large to accommodate horizontal displacement.

2.Advantages of rubber blocks:  1. Shockproof rubber blocks, rubber shockproof pads, made of high-quality rubber materials, durable, long life, can be used in the outdoors exposed to sunlight and humid and dark environment, the size can be customized according to customer requirements.  2 . Shockproof rubber blocks, rubber shockproof mat, shockproof rubber blocks pads anti-fatigue, reduce noise function. The rubber block is suitable for machine, axial vibration reduction, noise reduction, easy installation, replacement advantages, has good vibration isolation and reduce impact; it is also suitable for long-term extension of front-line workers and service industry personnel, effectively reducing personnel The feeling of fatigue reduces the pressure on the legs and shoulders.

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